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OneBlade Cup DACH & Nordics

Are you the best FIFA21 player from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland? Philips OneBlade Cup is on!

Don´t miss the playoff for Germany and EU qualifier on Tuesday, December 1st!

Go to twitch.tv/fragbite at 6pm.

This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors.

Latest news

In Norway and Denmark the top players showed their class.

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The National Playoffs in Norway and Denmark start on Wednesday evening.

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At the start of the National Playoffs, some favorites had to say goodbye straight away.

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Follow the tournament’s playoffs on Twitch – our broadcasts starts November 24th!


Prize Pool

November 17th

Registration closes

FIFA21 (PS4)




How it works

  • Step 2
  • Check-in on the gaming platform at least an hour before the qualifying begins so you don’t miss your chance to join!

  • Step 3
  • After qualifying is completed, the playoffs begin.
    The playoffs start November 24th.

  • Step 4
  • European final, December 16th!




Is there a cash prize?

Prizes The prize pool is divided into two categories:
  1. Product Prizes
  2. Prize Money

Game mode


Squad restriction

  • Team max. rating 83 (starting lineup + bench)
  • Player min. rating 75
  • Loan players prohibited
  • Training consumables prohibitedTBA

Made by:


Important dates

  • Open Qualifier for all participating countries
  • Qualification: 17-18/11

  • Austria & Switzerland Playoff
  • Playoff: 24/11

  • Norway & Denmark Playoff
  • Playoff: 25/11

  • EU qualifier & Germany Playoff
  • Playoff: 1/12

  • Sweden & Finland Playoff
  • Playoff: 2/12

  • Playoffs DACH
  • Playoff: 8/12

  • Playoffs Nordic
  • Playoff: 9/12

  • Playoff DACH & Nordic
  • Playoff: 15/12

  • FINAL: 16/12


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