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OneBlade Cup Nordics & OneBlade Cup Dach


Philips OneBlade Cup is back!

We are starring Philips OneBlade Cup Nordic and Philips OneBlade Cup Dach – two different tournaments!

Registration for the qualifiers for both tournaments open March 23rd. Compete against players in your region in the qualifier and watch the best compete in the playoffs broadcasting on Twitch and get the chance to win 2 500 €!

This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors.

Latest news

Learn more about our Norwegian Philips Ambassador Marius “varlem” Holte.

Learn more about our Swedish Philips Ambassador Fredrik "slop3" Wahlstedt.

Learn more about our Danish Philips Ambassador Mark “MarckozHD” Tange.

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Follow the tournament’s playoffs on Twitch – our broadcasts starts November 24th!


Prize Pool

April 21st

Registration closes

FIFA21 (PS4 & PS5)




How it works

  • Step 2

  • Check-in on the gaming platform at least an hour before the qualifying begins so you don’t miss your chance to join!

  • Step 3

  • Qualifying starts April 22nd at 6 pm and ends May 14th. If you win your qualifier you will compete in the Playoffs starting May 20th.

    The Playoffs is broadcasted on Twitch (länk)

  • Step 4

  • Dach Grand Final – June 17th!




Is there a cash prize?

Yes, you can win 2 500 €.

Game mode


Squad restriction

  • Team max. rating 83 (starting lineup + bench)
  • Player min. rating 75
  • Loan players prohibited
  • Training consumables prohibited

What qualifier should I register for?

Each country in the Dach area has their own qualifier, if you are from Germany you need to sign up for the German qualifier, if you are from Switzerland you need tos sign up for the Swiss qualifier and if you are from Austria you need to sign up for the Austrian qualifier.

Will the tournament be broadcasted?

Yes, the tournament will be broadcasted starting from the Playoffs on May 20 over at bPart’s Twitch channel.

All dates for broadcasts:

May 20th & 21st – Playoff Switzerland

May 27th & 28th – Playoff Germany

June 3rd & 4th – Playoff Austria

June 10th & 11th – winners from open qualifier

June 17th – Grand Final!

Is there any sign up fee?

No. It’s 100% free to participate.

Who can participate?

Philips OneBlade Cup is a tournament open for everyone, no matter if you are a currently unknown talent or a local superstar. It doesn’t matter what skill level you are at or if this is the first tournament you are playing. Everyone can compete in Philips OneBlade Cup.

Where can I follow Philips OneBlade Cup in social media?

Twitch [LÄNK] – Twitter [LÄNK] – Instagram [LÄNK] – Facebook [LÄNK]



Why should I participate in Philips OneBlade Cup?

Philips OneBlade Cup, or POBC in short, is one of the few FIFA tournaments where everyone can participate and compete for glory (and our prizes of course). Most of the other tournaments in the FIFA community is locked for only the best players with qualifiers, invites etc. Philips OneBlade Cup is open for everyone and could be your climb from zero to hero. Kick start your FIFA career by participating in your local qualifier, maybe you will be able to represent your country on an European level down the line.

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Important dates

  • Open Qualifier for all participating countries

  • Qualification: 17-18/11

  • Austria & Switzerland Playoff

  • Playoff: 24/11

  • Norway & Denmark Playoff

  • Playoff: 25/11

  • EU qualifier & Germany Playoff

  • Playoff: 1/12

  • Sweden & Finland Playoff

  • Playoff: 2/12

  • Playoffs DACH

  • Playoff: 8/12

  • Playoffs Nordic

  • Playoff: 9/12

  • Playoff DACH & Nordic

  • Playoff: 15/12


  • FINAL: 16/12


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