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The winner of the Philips OneBlade Cup in FIFA 21 has been determined! On Wednesday evening the best four players competed in the Grand Final for the title and prize money totaling 25,000 Swedish kronor. In the end, the Swedish high-flyer OliBoli7 got the upper hand and was crowned champion. Our review of the Grand Final.

Oliboli7 Winner OneBlade Cup

Winner of the Philips OneBlade Cup in FIFA 21: OliBoli7 from Sweden.

Format: Just like in the National Playoffs and Regional Playoffs, the Grand Final was played in a best-of-2 format.


  • Bown28 (Switzerland) vs. MBC_Kasker (Germany)

In the first semi-final, the Swiss champion Bown28 and the German champion MBC_Kasker faced each other. Both were absolutely deserved in the round of the last four and now wanted to gold their strong performance in the Philips OneBlade Cup with the title. Kasker, who improved from round to round in the course of the tournament and increasingly became a secret favorite for overall victory, was also able to win the semifinals against Bown. The esports athlete from MBCeSports moved into the final with a 7-4 result.

  • Oliver_Hoegh (Denmark) vs. OliBoli7 (Sweden)

Following the DACH duel between Bown and Kasker, two extremely talented FIFA players from Scandinavia met. The only 17-year-old Oliver_Hoegh from Denmark faced OliBoli7 (20). The Swedish star player recently won the first European qualifier of the official EA Sports Global Series and thus crowned himself champion of Europe. And at the Philips OneBlade Cup, too, his path led to the final. OliBoli won 3-1 against Oliver_Hoegh in an exciting match.

3rd place match

  • Bown28 (Switzerland) vs. Oliver_Hoegh (Denmark)

The two semi-final losers now played for 3rd place in the Philips OneBlade Cup. Oliver_Hoegh, one of our featured Stars of Tomorrow, ended the tournament with a sense of achievement after losing to OliBoli7. The talent from Scandinavia won a close duel with Bown28 (5- 4).


  • OliBoli7 (Sweden) vs. MBC_Kasker (Germany)

At the end of the evening and the Philips OneBlade Cup, there was the grand final between OliBoli7 and MBC_Kasker. This is where the two players met, whom we had presented as favorites for the overall victory before the start of the final tournament phase. But there was no tension in the final. Already in the first game of the best-of-2, OliBoli made everything clear with a 7-1 win. He could easily afford the 2-3 defeat in the second game. With a 9-4 aggregate win against Kasker, OliBoli won the second big title in a short time and once again proved that he is currently one of the best players in the world.

Placements in the Grand Final

  1. OliBoli7 – 12,500 Swedish kronor (1,217 euros)
  2. MBC_Kasker – 7,500 Swedish kronor (730 euros)
  3. Oliver_Hoegh – 2,500 Swedish kronor (243 euros)
  4. Bown28 – 2,500 Swedish kronor (243 euros)

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