The OneBlade Cup continues in FIFA 21!

Are you already familiar with FIFA 21 and are you ready for an amateur tournament? Then we have good news for you: Just in time for the start of the FIFA 21 season, the OneBlade Cup – sponsored by Philips – is back! Soon there will be razor-sharp duels on the virtual soccer field for attractive prize money.

OneBlade Cup

In FIFA 20 we were looking for the best players from the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and the Nordic region (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland). And exactly these players are now competing against each other in FIFA 21 at the cross region stage of the OneBlade Cup! But players who did not take part in the OneBlade Cup in FIFA 20 or who dropped out early will also have the chance to take part in open qualification tournaments. Who will be crowned champion and win one of the first FIFA 21 amateur tournaments on PlayStation 4? We will find out in the coming months.

Would you like to have the first information about the continuation of the OneBlade Cup in FIFA 21 clearly listed again? You are welcome:

What is the OneBlade Cup?

The OneBladeCup is an FIFA 21 amateur tournament and will be played in Ultimate Team on PlayStation 4.

I wasn’t one of the best players in the FIFA 20 OneBlade Cup. Can I still participate in the new FIFA 21 Cup?

Yes! There will be open qualification tournaments in which any player from the named regions can participate.

What are the restrictions on participation?

All FIFA players from DACH and Nordic with a minimum age of 16 years are eligible to participate. A PlayStation Plus subscription is also required in order to play FIFA 21 online.

What can you win at the OneBlade Cup?

The best players win cash prizes. You will soon find out how much the prize money is and how it is composed.

Detailed news on the continuation of the OneBlade Cup in FIFA 21, including dates and format explanations, will follow in the next few days. Stay tuned!