Regional Playoffs: The four finalists have been determined

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The four participants in the Grand Final of the Philips OneBlade Cup in FIFA 21 have been determined! On Tuesday evening, the eight national champions met in the Regional Playoffs. Here we tell you how the matches went and who will be playing for the title in the OneBlade Cup on Wednesday evening from 6 p.m. LIVE on Twitch.

OneBlade Cup

The Grand Final of the Philips OneBlade Cup is about to start.

Format: Just like in the National Playoffs, the Regional Playoffs were played in the best-of-2 format.

  • KG_Memo60 (Austria) vs. Bown28 (Switzerland)

The Swiss champion Bown28 once again proved his class in the Regional Playoffs. Against KG_Memo60 from Austria, the FIFA pro from myInsanity entered the Grand Final without any major problems. In the end it was a clear 6-1 success for Bown, which underlined his ambitions for overall victory in the Philips OneBlade Cup.

  • MBC_Kasker (Germany) vs. iStefko_ (Europe)

The surprising German champion MBC_Kasker stopped iStefko_’s winning run in the Regional Playoffs. The Swede, who played his way into the National Playoffs Europe via the Open Qualifier and also marched through there, had to admit defeat against Kasker 3-5. The German Pro from MBCeSports has been in top form for weeks and can have justified hopes of overall victory in the Philips OneBlade Cup on Wednesday evening.

  • Netsix (Norway) vs. Oliver_Hoegh (Denmark)

Top talent Oliver_Hoegh from Denmark lived up to his role as a favorite. The 17-year-old FIFA pro from Tricked_Esport beat Norwegian champion Netsix 5-1 and kept his dream of the title alive. In the Grand Final he will now give everything to put on the OneBlade Cup crown.

  • OliBoli7 (Sweden) vs. kossu72 (Finland)

In the last game of the evening it was an absolute top duel. OliBoli7 and Kossu72 had literally raced into the Regional Playoffs and had shown impressive performances in the final of the National Playoffs. And so it became the expected exciting match. The Swedish star player OliBoli and the two-time Finnish champion Kossu fought a top-level fight. In the end, OliBoli won the fight just under 5-4. While Kossu’s journey in the OneBlade Cup is over, OliBoli kept his chance of winning the title.

This Wednesday evening, from 6 p.m. LIVE on Twitch, it will be decided who will win the Philips OneBlade Cup in FIFA 21. The prize money is 25,000 Swedish kronor. Here we explain the exact breakdown of the prize money.