Information about the Squad Restrictions

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As with the Philips OneBlade Cup in FIFA 20, there are also team restrictions for the continuation in FIFA 21, which all participants must adhere to. In this news we explain to you what you have to look out for when creating your team for the Philips OneBlade Cup.


Why are there squad restrictions at all?

We want to gurantee equal opportunities. If there were no restrictions, participants who invested real money in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team would have a clear team advantage over the other players. The Pay 2 Win factor existing in FIFA 21 should not appear in the Philips OneBlade Cup. In addition to equal opportunities, this also promotes fun.

Those are the squad restrictions

  • Your team may have a maximum overall rating of 83 (starting lineup + bench)
  • Every player in the squad must have an overall rating of at least 75
  • Loan players and training cards are prohibited

Anyone who does not adhere to these restrictions will be disqualified immediately!

My opponent does not adhere to the team restrictions. What now?

Please quit the game immediately, do not start playing and contact a tournament administrator. As mentioned earlier, failure to follow the rules will result in immediate disqualification. But: If a game is played with the wrong settings after the first half before the tournament administrators are contacted, the game must be continued and the score will remain.

Here you can read the rules of the Philips OneBlade Cup in FIFA 21 again. If you have any further questions, the tournament administrators are available on the Discord server.

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