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The Philips OneBlade Cup in FIFA 21 is over, the Swedish star player OliBoli7 crowned himself the winner. Before the start of the Cup, we featured six talented players with the potential for a successful FIFA career in a video series – the Stars of Tomorrow. Here we look back on their tournament performances in the Philips OneBlade Cup.

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Antonio “Radelja” Radelja – Germany

Radelja used to be a talented footballer, too, but was thrown back from injuries. Now the 19-year-old is aiming for a great career on the gamepad in FIFA. The first step has already been taken, he has been under contract with 1. FC Nürnberg since this season. In the Philips OneBlade Cup it didn’t go far for Radelja, in the Open Qualifier it was over for him.

Cem “Popturcem31” Korkmaz – Austria

Popturcem31 is one of the most talented FIFA players from Austria. The 18-year-old already attracted positive attention in the Philips OneBlade Cup in FIFA 20. But just like Radelja from Germany, Popturcem did not get beyond the Open Qualifier at the Philips OneBlade Cup in FIFA 21. The competition was too strong this time.

Oliver “Oliver_Hoegh” Hoegh – Denmark

The best Star of Tomorrow at the Philips OneBlade Cup was Oliver_Hoegh. The 17-year-old esports athlete from Denmark first became national champion and then even moved into the Grand Final. There the FIFA pro from Tricked_Esport only had to admit defeat to the eventual winner OliBoli7 (1-3). He then secured 3rd place with a win against Swiss Champion Bown28 (5-4). Oliver_Hoegh has impressively shown that he is definitely a Star of Tomorrow in FIFA esports!

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