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Briefly explained: The tournament format

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The OneBlade Cup – sponsored by Philips – is entering its next round in FIFA 21. The starting shot is on  November 17th and 18th with the Open Qualifier, about which we have already given you more detailed information. In this news we explain the complete tournament format so that you know what happens after the Open Qualifier.

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The OneBlade Cup in FIFA 21 consists of four different tournament phases: Open Qualifier, National Playoffs, Regional Playoffs and European Finals. In the following we give you information about each tournament phase.

Open Qualifier

In the Open Qualifier, up to 512 participants will play for a place in the playoffs. You can take part if you are over 16, play FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4 and come from one of the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway. The best four players of the Open Qualifier reach the playoffs.

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Date: November 17th/18th

National Playoffs

It continues with the National Playoffs. The best four players from each country from the OneBlade Cup in FIFA 20 have already qualified for this. In addition, there are the four qualifiers from the Open Qualifier in FIFA 21. That means: If you haven’t already participated in the OneBlade Cup in FIFA 20, the Open Qualifier is the only way for you to take part in the OneBlade Cup in FIFA 21. So sign up before it’s too late!

There are eight National Playoffs: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Germany & Europe (Open Qualifier participants). So there are four players in each National Playoff. The best player in each country qualifies for the next round – the Regional Playoffs.

Date: November 24th – December 9th

Regional Playoffs

In the regional playoffs, the best four players from DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Open Qualifier) as well as the top 4 from Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway) fight for a place in the big European Final in their own tournaments. Only the winner in each case reaches the Grand Final.

Date: December 15th

European Final

The European Final will decide who will be the FIFA 21 Champion of the OneBlade Cup – sponsored by Philips. This is where the best FIFA 21 player from DACH and the winner of the Nordic Playoffs meet.

Date: December 16th

More information about the game mode in the playoffs and the finals as well as the prize money in the OneBlade Cup will be available soon.

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